BloodReader Technologies Inc. Changes name to Insight Diagnostics Inc. - Adds 2 Products To Development Pipeline

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Canada

Insight Diagnostics Inc., formally BloodReader Technologies Inc. announces a corporate name change, pursuant to Federal corporate policies, to Insight Diagnostics Inc. 

The name change more accurately reflects the focus of the company, which is on health diagnostics. The "insights" pertains to the digital and software side of the technology where intelligent data driven insights interface with the consumer. 

Additionally, Insight Diagnostics Inc. announces the addition of two products to the product development pipeline:

BloodReader Dx Kits - Personalized health diagnostics kids for specific analyte panels, assuming the name of the company previously. 

DxoD - Dx (Diagnostics) on demand. - This product driven service will follow in it's own separate announcement in the coming months. 

Insight Diagnostics CEO, Dean Sutton said, "Forward progression is the name of the game and we're happy to have not only started fresh with a new name and brand, but to have also refined our core model and focus on what we think are three very exceptional product areas. For our team, 2016 is all about putting in the work to develop exceptional market ready products, and get them interfacing with consumers as soon as possible."

On behalf of our team, 

Dean Sutton

CEO, Insight Diagnostics Inc.