BloodReader Technologies Announces Closing of Merger with Shield Diagnostics

November 16, 2015

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Canada

BloodReader Technologies Inc.

BloodReader Technologies Inc. a health diagnostics technology company focused on mobile and cloud driven consumer technologies, announces the closing of a merger with Shield Diagnostics. 

Shield Diagnostics is a Vancouver based, award winning electrochemical detection startup company with a patent pending mobile glucose monitoring device, the "Shield", which was developed atSimon Fraser University and 4D Labs.

Upon completion of the merger, the Shield Diagnostics team have joined BloodReader Technologies, to continue their efforts and development of their core technology and it's variable applications. Woohyuk Lee, the founder of Shield Diagnostics will join BloodReader as director and CTO.

Dean Sutton, CEO of BloodReader Technologies said, "The synergistic merger between BloodReader and Shield, along with the exceptional technical talent, will allow us to expand on our development of mobile diagnostics technologies and continue to effectively execute on our business plan. We believe the future is in personalized health, and are pleased to have combined such effective resources."

BloodReader Technologies Inc. is a Vancouver based mobile health diagnostics company that focuses on the integration of hardware and software in the detection of specific biomarker data derived from a single droplet of blood. 

Dean Sutton

CEO, BloodReader Technologies Inc.