Insight Diagnostics Selected to Join Creative Destruction Lab

November 28, 2016 - Vancouver, BC

Insight Diagnostics has been selected to join the Creative Destruction Lab's 2016 cohort.  Under the title of "CDL West" and operated out of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Insight was selected out of 100+ Global applications, after a series of three pitch style interviews that companies go through. 

In the past four years, CDL has nurtured startups that have accumulated a combined equity of over $800M, becoming Canada's fastest growing incubator. Their partnership with the Rotman School of Management (Startup Lab) has moved West to extend their impact Nationally with UBC and the Sauder School of Business.

The Creative Destruction Lab's program lasts 9 months, and focuses on advancing technology into high-growth companies. Along with NEXT Ventures, CDL is one of the only two "approved incubators" in Canada which allows eligible investors to invest in companies via AngelList, after the recent approval by the Ontario Securities Commission. 

CDL takes no fee's or equity, and simply focused on the success and commercialization of fast growing Canadian technology companies. Companies go through a set program, and also work with technology advisors, mentors, CEO's, as well as graduate students of Sauder. 

Insight's CEO, Dean Sutton commented; "with the recent advancements in our core product and technology platform, we've garnered some fantastic support from some of Canada's best business organizations. Adding the CDL selection, we aim to expand our national network, and continue to increase our speed to market."

For those with any questions, please contact us: // // Dean Sutton 604-832-2553.

Insight Diagnostics Signs MOU With BC Diabetes

Vancouver, October 28, 2016.

Insight Diagnostics Inc. has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with BC Diabetes (, doing business as Dr. T. G. Elliot Inc.) to conduct a clinical test of Insight's mobile diabetes diagnostic device and to jointly develop improved diagnostic tools for diabetes management. 

This MOU will set out the agreement between the parties necessary to undertake research and development activities for the identification, refinement and testing of mobile diagnostic platforms for diabetes patients. 

Dean Sutton, CEO of Insight Diagnostics commented: "A well researched, controlled and executed clinical trial is a great forward moving step for Insight. We couldn't be happier to be working with BC Diabetes and Dr. Tom Elliott on this, there's simply no better physician or clinic to undertake such a trial."

This MOU is effective from the date of signing and will remain in effect until modified by the parties involved. is a Vancouver based diabetes clinic that has a specialty in clinical management of diabetes, with access to 5,000 diabetic patients electronic records, and has expertise in conducting clinical research. Learn more at

Insight Diagnostics is an award winning Vancouver-based startup with technical expertise in mobile point-of-care (POC) diagnostics. Their specialty lies in microfluidics, electrochemical detection, materials chemistry and secure wireless communication. 


For more information please contact;

Dean Sutton, CEO, Insight Diagnostics Inc. 


Insight Diagnostics Selected to Join Wavefront - Canada's Premier Wireless Business Accelerator.

 "Canada's Premier Wireless Business Accelerator"               ||        Accelerated Commercialization

"Canada's Premier Wireless Business Accelerator"               ||        Accelerated Commercialization

October 20, 2016 - Vancouver, British Columbia

Insight Diagnostics is pleased to announce they have been selected by Wavefront Accelerator, Canada's premier wireless business accelerator, to join their Fall 2016 cohort. 

The Wavefront Venture Acceleration Program (VAP) focuses on accelerating the success of promising Canadian technology companies by immersing them in a structured market validation program while providing them with access to mentorship, industry experts and resources, development labs as well as other technical and business services. 

The resources, national network, program and support of Wavefront will allow Insight to continue their core focus in developing leading mobile health technologies in diabetes and personalized healthcare. 

CEO of Insight Diagnostics, Dean Sutton comments: "My team and I are very pleased to be selected by Wavefront, and we look forward to the fast pace and measurable progress we will achieve in the VAP program. The national network, industry advisory and mobile device labs will be beneficial to us as we continue forward to product completion and market entry."

The VAP program begins on October 24th, and will continue for a minimum of four months. 


About Insight Diagnostics

Insight Diagnostics is a mobile diagnostics platform company focused on mobile health tests that can be performed on your smartphone. 

About Wavefront 

Wavefront is Canada's Centre of Excellence for Wireless Commercialization and Research, accelerating the growth and success of wireless companies by connecting them with the critical resources, partners and opportunities, to drive economic and social benefits for Canada. Wavefront has locations in Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. For more information, please visit: 


Dean Sutton, CEO, Insight Diagnostics Inc.          // 604.832.2553

BloodReader Technologies Inc. Changes name to Insight Diagnostics Inc. - Adds 2 Products To Development Pipeline

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Canada

Insight Diagnostics Inc., formally BloodReader Technologies Inc. announces a corporate name change, pursuant to Federal corporate policies, to Insight Diagnostics Inc. 

The name change more accurately reflects the focus of the company, which is on health diagnostics. The "insights" pertains to the digital and software side of the technology where intelligent data driven insights interface with the consumer. 

Additionally, Insight Diagnostics Inc. announces the addition of two products to the product development pipeline:

BloodReader Dx Kits - Personalized health diagnostics kids for specific analyte panels, assuming the name of the company previously. 

DxoD - Dx (Diagnostics) on demand. - This product driven service will follow in it's own separate announcement in the coming months. 

Insight Diagnostics CEO, Dean Sutton said, "Forward progression is the name of the game and we're happy to have not only started fresh with a new name and brand, but to have also refined our core model and focus on what we think are three very exceptional product areas. For our team, 2016 is all about putting in the work to develop exceptional market ready products, and get them interfacing with consumers as soon as possible."

On behalf of our team, 

Dean Sutton

CEO, Insight Diagnostics Inc. 

BloodReader Technologies Announces Closing of Merger with Shield Diagnostics

November 16, 2015

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Canada

BloodReader Technologies Inc.

BloodReader Technologies Inc. a health diagnostics technology company focused on mobile and cloud driven consumer technologies, announces the closing of a merger with Shield Diagnostics. 

Shield Diagnostics is a Vancouver based, award winning electrochemical detection startup company with a patent pending mobile glucose monitoring device, the "Shield", which was developed atSimon Fraser University and 4D Labs.

Upon completion of the merger, the Shield Diagnostics team have joined BloodReader Technologies, to continue their efforts and development of their core technology and it's variable applications. Woohyuk Lee, the founder of Shield Diagnostics will join BloodReader as director and CTO.

Dean Sutton, CEO of BloodReader Technologies said, "The synergistic merger between BloodReader and Shield, along with the exceptional technical talent, will allow us to expand on our development of mobile diagnostics technologies and continue to effectively execute on our business plan. We believe the future is in personalized health, and are pleased to have combined such effective resources."

BloodReader Technologies Inc. is a Vancouver based mobile health diagnostics company that focuses on the integration of hardware and software in the detection of specific biomarker data derived from a single droplet of blood. 

Dean Sutton

CEO, BloodReader Technologies Inc.